William T. Vollmann

Journalist • Novelist • Short Story Writer


The Dying Grass

Praise for The Dying Grass

A novel of incredible significance and power. . .the reading experience of a lifetime. . .what Vollmann has done is nothing short of miraculous.

The Washington Post

Last Stories and Other Stories

Praise for Last Stories and Other Stories

Throughout this ingeniously fabulist, erotic, musing, and satirical treasury, Vollmann gives monstrous and alluring form to the forces that haunt us, from desire and love to regret and loss, as he contemplates with ardor, sorrow, bemusement, and wonder the beauty and terror of life and death and the vast mystery of the hereafter.

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Praise for Imperial

In an age of trash punditry, Twitter, and gnat-like attention spans, Vollmann’s curiosity, forthrightness, lyricism, capaciousness, and empathy are revolutionary.

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Poor People

Praise for Poor People

For all the sorrow Vollmann catalogs, his persistent and compassionate pursuit of the truth reminds us of all that we share as human beings and all that we can do for each other.

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